using jquery JSONP with PHP – Revisit

update 2013-06-03 : changes to the javascript.. now more robusts

in the previous post here, I’ve successfully use the JSONP function. But sadly, the code doesn’t have timeout parameter. Without timeout, the JSONP won’t notify any error even after 1 minutes of no connectivity. So, i decided to use $.ajax because of the timeout parameter. The cherry on top the ice cream is, $.ajax also have error: parameter. Much simpler.

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Creating Successful Flash Games (notes and slides)



Design or Development?
Designers do graphics and developers do code?
But in games

  • artists do graphics
  • developers do code
  • designers make it fun!
So maybe we need a better definition.
  • Developers solve technical problems
  • Designers solve human problems.
So we all do a bit of both.

5 Top Game Tips from Iain Lob

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Make it fun. This one should be such a no-brainer that it’s not even worth mentioning, but when you’re making games it’s very easy to get side-tracked by the technical aspects of development. You spend so much time worrying about your code framework or particle effects that you forget to focus on making a fun experience for the player. While there’s still time to make changes, put your game in front of players and watch what they do. Build the gameplay around the parts they enjoyed, and streamline the parts they didn’t. Don’t put time into a making re-usable game engine until you have a few games under your belt.

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